Try Horseback Riding!

Our monthly intro events are a great fit if you are:

  • New to horses
  • Looking for an experience for kids ages 3 - 10
  • Want to try riding and meet us before you commit to weekly lessons 

How it works

Most months of the year, we host monthly events for kids ages 3 - 10. The events are hosted at Sunrise Hill Farm, and typically take place on Saturdays. The main difference between the two types of events is the target age group. 

Little Cowboys & Cowgirls Horse Event:  For kids ages 3 - 6 **Note: please do not round up your child's age for this event. Kids who are 6.5 should sign up for the Little Cowboys Event, not the Try-A-Ride Event

Try-A-Ride Horse Event: For kids ages 7 - 10 only


For the latest event dates and to register, click on the events below: