Lessons in Horsemanship and Horseback Riding


Our programs are a good fit for equestrians who:

  • Want to learn the fundamentals of horseback riding and horsemanship
  • Learn well in a fun, relaxed environment
  • Have recreational (vs. competitive) aspirations and goals


Other Perks

  • Small class sizes: up to 3 riders per group. Private lessons also available
  • Access to a great herd of calm, patient, and kind lesson horses
  • Experienced instructors who specialize in beginner equestrians

How it Works

  • Most lessons take place Monday - Thursday between 3 - 7pm
  • Tuition is paid monthly for a weekly timeslot. Timeslots are limited, and are determined based on the availability of the horses, current students, and of the instructors

Class List and Pricing

We segment students primarily by age and skill level. We determine which class type is best based on students' goals and interests. 
Please note we are not enrolling any adult students at this time. 


 Class Type

Age Group Duration Tuition
Little Cowboys Lessons 3 - 6

1 60 min lesson/week

Lessons run continuously

Level 1 Class 7 - 10

1 lesson/wk for 1.5 hrs.

4 week sesson

Level 2 and Up


*Must have completed Level 1 Class or have comparable experience. 

1 60 min lesson/week; Private or Group

2 60 min lessons/week; Private or Group



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